The Concord Substance Abuse Coalition was founded by members of the Community Provider Network of Central New Hampshire in 1999. Coalition staff members include a full-time director and a full-time program coordinator, who oversee the day-to-day operations of the Coalition. Comprised of volunteer community members and agency representatives, the Executive Committee and General Membership are instrumental in furthering the mission and goals of the Coalition. 
Additionally, the Coalition works collaboratively with a number of organizations and agencies to help support and enhance existing prevention efforts and programs.

If you are interested in volunteering and making a difference in the community, please contact us. The Coalition offers many opportunities for all to utilize their knowledge and skills.

To decrease substance abuse and underage use in Concord to produce a healthier community.

Shared leadership empowers the community to make the best use of its resources to reduce substance abuse and underage use.

Promote leadership development. 
Develop, gather, and dispense information.
Promote community-wide planning and advocacy.
Nurture family empowerment.

Respect for all.  Commitment to the mission, vision, and goals of the Coalition.  Credibility in the eyes of the community.  Courage to...walk the walk...see it through...take the necessary steps...change


The Concord Substance Abuse Coalition receives funding from the following sources:
the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's Drug-Free Communities Support Program;
the NH Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health Services, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Section; and the NH Tobacco Prevention and Control Program.